Altitude Trampoline Park is transforming the trampoline park experience with cutting-edge attractions, top-notch cleanliness, and boundless excitement. Our team was tasked with helping them connect with their audience outside the park.

They Said

We need a cohesive CRM for accurate customer data, plus a powerful email marketing solution to create personalized and targeted campaigns, maximize engagement, and optimize our marketing efforts.

We Said

Custom integrations are our bread and butter. To ensure a comprehensive view, consolidate customer data from your previous systems (Roller and Gleantap) into Hubspot—effectively unifying your CRM experience. This consolidated data allows for more targeted and effective marketing emails and optimized communication strategies.


Workflow Creation at Scale for Multi-Location

We centralized all Altitude Trampoline Park locations within a single HubSpot portal, providing a unified platform for streamlined management. Utilizing sophisticated workflows, we established an automated system for segmenting outreach to each park individually. The result? The ability to deliver personalized and relevant content tailored to the unique offerings and events at each specific park. This also allows for separate email reporting for each park, ensuring precise insights into the performance of campaigns and allowing for strategic optimizations based on individual park needs.


Email Design + Development

In enhancing Altitude Trampoline Park's email communications, we innovated dynamic email templates versatile enough to suit various campaigns. These templates were meticulously designed to highlight Altitude's distinctive branding and colors, infusing each email with a dynamic and energetic flair. By making the emails both fun and easy to read, we ensured a captivating visual experience that aligns seamlessly with Altitude Trampoline Park's identity, enhancing their overall communication strategy.


Our Process

We initiated the integration of data for all Altitude Trampoline Park locations into HubSpot, employing segmentation based on park distinctions and user commonalities. This approach aimed to optimize outreach strategies and enhance conversion rates.

Their Results

Altitude Trampoline Park now enjoys a seamless, unified CRM experience, with all data streamlined into one centralized location. The implementation of automated marketing emails ensures efficient and targeted communication. Plus, they have access to clean and comprehensive reporting that provides a clear return on investment since transitioning to HubSpot.