Data privacy rights have materially changed, so our partners came to us looking for solutions to assist their multi-location businesses in staying compliant and creating business insights that were never before captured from the local to national level.

They Said

We need to remain data compliant while increasing local lead generation efficiencies and providing insights at the national level that become actionable for optimization. 

We Said

Let’s create tooling that'll route all lead data through a singular pipeline and won't be intrusive to how agencies deploy advertising. By making this a program, we can leverage the network effect and share pixel and audience data (compliantly of course), so that local advertisers can unlock strategies that weren't previously available.

Social Platform Lead Routing

Familiar with native platform lead ads? It can be an incredibly effective ad product to capture someone's information mid-scroll and zap them to your CRM. Our Connector App tool streamlined this process for over 3,000 locations through a single data pipeline while passing back through key metadata to the owner's CRM. In short, studio locations had additional insights into their leads, and corporate had access to all the data for removal if needed. 


Scaling Landing Page Deployment

Not on brand? Unapproved offer? The tone of voice not just right? The landing pages that we constructed allowed for locations to utilize a base URL, then by way of query string parameters, update the location, offer, copy, attribution, and post lead submission redirects from corporate database tables. This allowed advertisers and franchise owners to take ownership of their lead pages, with approved templates from the brand. 


Shared Audiences & Conversion Tracking

The "Program" of approved vendors created a network effect where national tags, and pixels could be shared in order for local vendors to strategize for local efforts with access to national data. As the conversion events come through a single source and data is routed via the singular pipeline, brands were able to access roll-up reporting to better guide franchise owners.


Program Build

By implementing national pixels/tags, advertisers could access never-before-used audiences that drove users to brand-approved destinations and offers, while leads could more easily take their first-class booking action.

Program Outcomes

The program build anchored in compliance helped achieve systematic data deletion processes, never before roll-up reporting, and a 20% increase in first-class bookings.