In the competitive realm of fitness franchising, we drive qualified leads to Franchise for Sale programs to increase awareness, market adoption, and sell fitness licenses across our clients' brands.
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They Said

We're searching for financially qualified leads with a genuine interest in owning a fitness franchise. With a diverse range of brands spanning boxing, stretching, pilates, and more, we need to cater to different lead profiles to convert leads into qualified prospects, driving fitness license sales.

We Said

By tapping into AI profiles of known successful franchise owners, let’s craft messaging that speaks directly to potential franchisees across various marketing channels, from captivating display ads to engaging social media content, all fine-tuned through strategic A/B testing. Our thoughtfully designed landing pages will serve as virtual gateways, enticing leads with compelling incentives and guiding them toward conversion.


AI-Driven Lead Generation

Central to our strategy is utilizing AI profiles derived from successful franchise owners and entrepreneurs. By leveraging data-driven insights, we tailor our messaging to resonate with individuals exhibiting similar traits and behaviors. This approach significantly enhances the quality of leads, ensuring that they are not only financially qualified but also aligned with the ethos of our brands.

Ai Driven Lead Generation

Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

Recognizing potential franchisees' diverse preferences and behaviors, we adopt a multi-channel marketing approach. We maximize brand exposure and capture leads across various touch points through targeted display ads, sponsored social media content, strategic paid search campaigns, and engaging video content. We also push lead volume in new territories of high interest, leaning into increased ownership demand based on seasonality and license availability by territory. This omni-channel strategy facilitates broader reach and increased the likelihood of conversion.

Levers We Pull

We take a hands-on approach to campaign management, overseeing everything from bidding and budgeting to audience targeting, creative development, territory mapping, and destination optimization. This holistic strategy allows us to effectively activate across all areas, driving positive campaign performance and delivering impactful results.

Client Takeaways

Our clients turn to us for new media strategies, out-of-the-box advertising recommendations, and innovative testing iterations, from ad creative to landing page designs. With our comprehensive Franchise for Sale strategy and deployment, you can focus on direct industry partnerships, while we handle paid lead generation.