Reimagining the nail salon experience with ultra-efficient, hygienic, and unlimited monthly mani + pedi options. GLOSSLAB is not your average nail salon, so we were tapped to help their team stand out.

They Said

Our current digital presence doesn't fit our brand or our salon experience. We need designs embodying who we are while educating clients on our innovative nail approach.

We Said

Your photography is great. Let's incorporate it into fresh new designs that align with your brand better. By integrating HubSpot with Zenoti, we can better educate your clients pre and post-appointment to drive additional bookings and, eventually, memberships. 



Brand & Performance Pages

Leaning into the first-timer of a BOGO we were able to capture intent, while then guiding users throughout the web experience of the various services and products offered. The clean rounded corners throughout the web played a role in correlating the quality mani + pedi the user would receive.


Email Integration

Due to the Zenoti integration we know when, where, and what the client is purchasing, giving us the opportunity to drastically increase GLOSSLAB's communication automation with it being hyper personalized based on actions.


SMS Activation

All good things must come to an end, and that is no exception to a quality mani + pedi. SMS allowed for an additional touchpoint to users who had been in before so that we could provide them with offers as their polish started to fade.


Our Process

We mimicked the GLOSSLAB quality and attention to detail throughout the web experience, transforming a historically modular and rough-edge aesthetic into a clean, well-designed site. The HubSpot and Zenoti integration allowed for more timely and compelling communication to keep clients coming back. 

Their Results

With a digital experience that felt more like what clients could expect in-person, web sessions and booking rates both increased. Email and SMS metrics now also provide insight into when, and if, a package or a membership upsell is a better value proposition based on a user's historical actions.