JECT specializes in medical-grade treatments for people who want to look their best—who prioritize prevention, proper maintenance, and a lot of self-love—and provides a carefully curated experience that's personalized based on each client’s needs.

They Said

We want to ensure our presence on the web and our email user journeys receive the same attention and care that we give our clients. Our goal is to create a seamless and user-friendly experience that mirrors our in-office ambiance and integrates a streamlined process for purchasing products and booking treatments.

We Said

Leveraging JECT’s clean aesthetic and imagery, let's craft a website that feels as premium as your treatments do. We can integrate HubSpot, Zenoti, and Shopify to guide users seamlessly through a comprehensive user journey—including pre/post-treatment tips, captivating before/after photos, and personalized product recommendations that align with individual skin goals. The focus on HIPAA compliance will ensure a secure and seamless experience, inviting users to book treatments and explore membership options online effortlessly.


Reimagined Website

We brought the modern and clean ambiance of their in-office locations to a seamless online user experience, allowing users to book treatments through their existing MMS, Zenoti, and purchase products anytime, from anywhere, easily through their Shopify store.


Personalized Email Journey

With the integration of Zenoti and Shopify, we unlocked insights into user interests, booking preferences, and product choices that aligned with skincare goals. This data enabled a personalized outreach strategy, with a goal of converting additional treatment and product purchases into membership sign-ups.


Our Process

We crafted a fluid and tailored user experience by leveraging integrations that brought the JECT business to HubSpot. These integrations not only capture customer product preferences and booking patterns but also contribute to an increase in overall purchases, bookings, and membership sign-ups. New customer data allows us to personalize emails and employ abandoned cart strategies, ensuring a consistent and enticing experience that encourages users to return for more.

Expected JECT Results

We want customers to appreciate the pre-treatment journey as much as they do the post-treatment results. With the introduction of the new website, email journeys, and personalized experiences, we expect to see elevated web traffic, a surge in overall conversions, and an enhanced retention rate among their customer and membership base.