Given that so many of our clients entrust us with their member management system integration, HubSpot automations, reporting and more, it makes sense to also tap into Comma,8’s acquisition strategies as we see the full consumer journey.

They Said

We need to deploy media across direct response channels. Our goal is to not always be driving net-new customers but also to upsell and retain existing customers and win back former users as new products and features are deployed. 

We Said

Media campaigns are comprised of an art and science, both equally impactful to your campaign outcomes. With our creative and strategy teams we can deploy thumb-stopping content to the right users across the most actionable channels. 


Creative Thesis

We believe in always testing and learning through various ad products, such as dynamic creative optimization. Creating batches of content specific to audiences allows for a personalized paid experience while also garnering insights into what is top-performing and then refreshing across a mix of channels. 

Audience Segmentation

Whether prospecting or custom audiences, no one is more suited to pull the media levers, as we effectively see all existing leads, customers, and churned users. Segmenting these users accordingly allows for new customer acquisition, current customer upsell, and win-back campaigns to churned users. 


Levers We Pull

By controlling the bid, budget, audience, creative, and destination soup-to-nuts we can effectively activate across all areas to impact positive campaign performance. 

Client Takeaways

Because we can execute and optimize across each item — from ad creative to point of customer conversion — clients can focus on product, price point, and roadmapping now that the entire customer journey is removed from their plate.