TRX was founded on the idea that suspension training could achieve world-class fitness. Fast forward a decade later and see how we helped drive the digital adoption of iconic fitness equipment.

They Said

Our new digital gym, the TRX Training Club, is ready to launch, but we need a strategic and scalable way to drive adoption against our past, current, and new purchasers. 

We Said

The TRX Training Club may be new, but hundreds of thousands of fitness enthusiasts have already adopted your product. Utilizing our expertise, we can appropriately cohort users and place them directly at the point of conversion in order to re-ignite a vast CRM database. 


Dynamic Landing Pages

Leveraging HubSpot as the CMS, we designed and developed landing page modules and, with the use of HubDB tables, could populate specific copy and offers to various cohorts within the CRM or new traffic. This allowed efficient A/B testing of the best offers across different audience segments.

trx 6-1

Revamped Email Templates

It was key for us to showcase that TRX is far more than just a pair of Suspension Trainers, so we overhauled the historically product-focused emails and introduced distinctly human elements across the copy and creative. We also developed new email templates that clearly differentiated between product-centric messaging and the new TRX Training Club experience.


Likeable, Shareable, Social

At the time of launch, TRX had a following of over 800k on social, so we knew this was a channel that we needed to win. Trough the use of rebranded templates, motion, and customer validity. We helped drive the narrative that TRX is no longer just a product you purchase, but a daily opportunity to obtain world-class training from the TRX Training Club Instructors.


Paid Acquisition

With strategic targeting, we were able to hit existing purchasers with a multi-channel approach, while also partnering with various brands and media outlets to promote the new TRX Training Club. We were able to control the bid, target, creative, and destination to uniquely convert users with relevant content. Plus, we could frequently test all of the variables available, and then scale spend once we’d honed in on the best combination.

Execution Results

The TRX team had access to over 20 landing page variations, 170 email styles, and over 100 workflows to ensure we were sending the right message to the right user at the right time.

Business Outcomes

The new TRX Training Club infrastructure assisted in winning back ~30% of its past purchasers, while over half of net-new purchasers adopted the digital experience helping drive consistent monthly recurring revenue of former and new purchasers.