Combining ten of the world's best boutique fitness brands into one easy-to-use application for a multi-location and multi-modality booking experience.

They Said

We want to use XPASS to drive new users into the Xponential suite of brands, providing an a-la-carte fitness experience among Xponential studio locations. 

We Said

Let’s lead with brands that contain a high volume of studio locations and then delight with access to additional up-and-coming modalities so that they can experience a variety of fitness classes while hopefully finding their home brand and studio of choice. 


Geo-Specific Landing Pages

Showcasing brand and studio clusters was key in order to highlight the multitude of brands and locations a user had access to when potentially trying out XPASS. 

xpass-7 (1)

XPASS Branded Emails

Using modules within HubSpot, we were able to design XPASS branded emails while showcasing the multiple options the users had access to via this studio booking application.


Studio Social Packs

We created and distributed social collateral to the local studio locations so that they could also advise their following that XPASS provided an entry point to their studio locations, giving consumers options for when and how they wanted to book. 


Paid Activation

In order to increase net-new reach, we utilized the Xponential Fitness database to exclude prospects and members in areas where studio clusters were present, leaning into the menu of fitness options provided to them with the XPASS application. 

Our Output

We blended the world's best boutique fitness brands by way of email journeys and paid advertising with local landing page destinations to drive association among the ten brands within XPASS. 

XPASS Outcomes

Franchise owners gained effectively free leads that may have not tried their studio if they also presented the option of trying several others within a single application. This drove an uptick of net-new users to the Xponential ecosystem that later converted to studio memberships by way of XPASS.