Taking 10 of the leading boutique fitness brands digital to complement the in-studio experience, while navigating the intricate Franchisor to Franchisee landscape.

They Said

We need help transitioning our single brand "GO" On-Demand product to Xponential+ (XPLUS). Our goal is to attract net-new users — both in locations that our studios are available and locations where they aren't — in an effort to increase membership adoption and retention across all of our boutique brands.

We Said

Let's link out to the XPLUS landing page from each main brand web page. This'll drive cohesion between the origin brand while simultaneously introducing 9 others. Audience segmentation and geo-targeting will be a large portion of the strategy, allowing us to personalize experiences across net-new users, studio prospects, studio members, and lapsed studio members.  

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On-Demand + More

Many users were starting their journey from their favorite brand. By immediately introducing all 10 brands, we were able to set the expectation that XPLUS isn't just an on-demand platform for one thing—it's everything. Yoga, Barre, Pilates, and so much more. As these brands are historically consumed in-studio, we focused on human elements that allowed people to connect with the XPROs leading their workouts immediately.


Email Segmentation

In HubSpot, we were able to segment audiences to account for studio members, prospects, lapsed leads, churned members, net-new users to the ecosystem, and more. This personalization across the data ensured we provided the right brand, messaging, offer, and information to where the user was in their fitness journey.


Organic Social

If it's not on Instagram, it didn't happen, right? The Comma,8 team worked on a series of launch content in order to introduce the XPLUS product across its owned channels while distributing asset packs specific to the Xponential brands for additional reach and social proof.


Paid Acquisition

Specific campaigns were placed in order to avoid competing with local studio advertising, while also promoting the Xponential brands on channels in which local media is not typically purchased. This strategy helped drive net-new adoption by utilizing custom audiences to win members back digitally if in-studio is not for them.

Our Output

A fully personalized experience for wherever a user sits within the Xponential ecosystem. This included over 500 emails combined with 200+ email drip automation across various destinations.

XPLUS Outcomes

Strategic segmentation and custom audience creation allowed XPLUS to win back churned studio goers while driving first-time digital adopters, increasing lifetime value by over 40% from prior “GO” applications.